Off Grid Magazine

In the early months the warmth of the sun, timid and tenuous, slowly begins to awaken. The crackling fracture of softened ice, crystals against light. A cold that once seeped through your bones, melts and morphs, folding into a resting cocoon. That smell, new born and nostalgic all at once, suddenly reapers after a year of absence. You blow accumulated dust off a novel, boil a pot of steaming chamomile in anticipation of blooming floral. The soil, still chilled, veers for potential of life and growth. Wood, musk and sweet tobacco, the earths cologne. 

In the early months you enjoy the drops of water detaching themselves and plummeting from thawing spruce branches. Busy streets, reaching towards the sun by human instinct. Taxis avoid water welds. A mass of structure stands tall above the pavement, unmoved. “I should go somewhere this summer,” you store your down jacket out of reach.

In the early months as you derive fresh thoughts from the earth, reflections of the past take on a sense of clarity, smoothing folds and wrinkles. Alluring roads unravel beneath your feet. In the early months of spring may your feet always wander and your mind always wonder. Through Roads and Reflections.

A magazine for the urban dweller who is strongly rooted to natural environments. This is a guide for curating balance within a contrasting lifestyle. The objective of this piece was to create visual and typographic harmony between two distinctly different worlds. The magazine is formatted as two sides; in urban, and in nature, each with its own cover, following its own distinct design, then coming together in the central pages.